Dr. Larry Buell, founder of The University of the Wild, teaches land history in the Swift River Valley. 


Sat. Sun. April 18-19 

EVS 153: Ancient Wilderness Living Skills 1 Credit


Sat. Sun. Apr. 25-26 

UofW 101: 24-Hour Experience 1 Credit


Fri. Sat. Sun. May 15-17 

UofW 102:  Youth, Culture, and Rites of Passage 1 Credit


Sat. Sun. June 6-7 

UofW 103: Exploring Ecological Consciousness 1 Credit


Fall Semester pending GCC approval
Introduction to Indigenous Native Americans of Central New England  3 Credits  Instructor: Larry “Spotted Crow” Mann          



The University of the Wild educates and empowers emerging leaders to live and learn in connection and harmony with the Earth and all life. 


Friends and Colleagues of the UofWild,

We reach out to our expanded network In acknowledgment of the remarkable planetary change we are witnessing right now.  Like all challenges, there are lessons and opportunities in seismic changes.  For us at the UofWild, we take this calling to adapt our programs of workshops, courses, and our learning community to meet the needs of the times - our work is more important than ever. We are adapting our many hands-on programs so the vital information can be shared through different methods and platforms.  Anthony, Bobbi, and I will post new approaches to the UofWild programs very soon.  Stay connected and take measures to be safe and secure yourself - the deep and wild woods are the safest places - go there! 

Your UofWild Team
















* Wild Earth Institute, Inc.
The University of the Wild is the flagship program of the new Wild Earth Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational corporation.

Three other programs also operate under the Wild Earth Institute umbrella: Wild Earth Community Land Trust (WECLT); UofWild International Network; and Wild Earth Fund.

* The Wild Earth Community Land Trust is securing funding to buy the Adirondack Parcel between Earthlands and the Nipmuc land for the University of the Wild eco-campus.

* Planning for the Semester-on-Earth full semester for-credit program is underway now. If you would like more information about it, please call or email Larry Buell: (978) 724-0412 or larry@uofwild.org.


Programs and calendar events have been postponed indefinitely. We will keep the University of the Wild community updated through Facebook and email as we are able to resume programs.

If you would like to be added to our email list, please email Larry Buell at larry@uofwild.org.


Sun. Apr 19 Earthday Celebration


Sat. May 23     Creating “Sacred Stonework” on the Land


June 18  Building Community in an Age of Climate Change Panel


Sat. Sun. July 18-19  Wilderness First Aid


Thu. Fri. Sat. Aug. 13-15     2020 Fire Keepers Summit –Native & Non-Native


Fri. Sat. Sun Aug. 21-23     Earth Alive Gathering

Attention: Leaders, Educators, & Activist 


We invite you to join the leadership team of Semester on Earth

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” -Robert Swan, author and explorer

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