UofWild was established to address the need to create a solution to the uncertainty of our future. Our programs and our partner's programs are based on the understanding that humans are experiencing an inherent separation from themselves, the natural world, other life forms, and the human family. The entrenched worldview humans now possess, isolates individuals from the cycles and insights of natural ways and has produced an unsustainable culture of consumption, greed, and separation.


Uofwild seeks to lead the change that needs to happen to heal and bring back peace and harmony to the individual, earth, and society as a whole. We do this through earth-based re-education and as a catalyst for new communities of regenerativty and connectivity to begin and grow.



Healers of the Earth Unite! 



Our Mission

To provide Earth-based education focused on re-educating humanity on how to live and learn in deep connection and harmony with Earth and all life. As well as to create communities and cultures that educate and empower emerging leaders to lead the change to a more sustainable future.

Our History

Although the vision of The University of the Wild came to Larry Buell in 1964, it was the Y2K scare in 2000, that ignited the program as an alternative to the Higher Education Curriculum. Established under the Institute for Environmental Awareness in Petersham, MA. UofWild offers both general and college accredited courses, workshops, and programs since 2008. In 2016 the Native American - Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc. became a founding partner. 

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