The Wild Earth Community Land Trust (WECLT), a  501(c)(3), a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational corporation founded in 2019, will purchase the balance of the Adirondack Parcel at Earthlands .  The 26.5  acres of prime real estate abutting the Nipmuc Nichewaug Parcel will be used primarily for the eco-campus of the UofWild (UoW). The parcels will be held in trust, out-of-private ownership. The two organizations will pursue their separate, but cooperative missions and goals for programs and services. The property will be owned by the land trust (WECLT) and the University of the Wild will possess a 99-year Ground Lease to the 26.5 acres.  

Plan for Securing the Adirondack Parcel
The Wild Earth Community Land Trust (WECLT)is working with the UofWild leadership team on a comprehensive fundraising campaign to purchase the property in order to take it out of private ownership and prepare it to be used for education, healing, and land protection. The effort focuses on a traditional cooperative model of securing funds through gift and/or purchase of Land Shares by selected foundations, organizations, and individuals who want to see the land protected, viable programs, and work that serves the Earth. The Land Trust  has launched the Adirondack Land Share Program to raise the capital necessary to purchase the property.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Adirondack Land Share Options
The Share Program offers two options for securing land shares: a direct non-profit donation or a short-term, low interest rate transferrable loan.  Both options provide a portion of the capital necessary to assure the purchase of the 26.5 acre parcel. Specific conditions of the Adirondack Land Share include:                                                                                         
1) Short-term loan of 6 months to three years;                                                                                          

2) Interest rate of 3-6% annual return (a common community-based loan rate);                                                                             

3) Collateralized loan through a registered lien held in the shareholder’s name on the property;                                                                                               

4) Right to sell or transfer the Wild Earth  Share after a three-month period;  and
5) Price per Share is $10,000 and may be purchased as a ¼, ½, full, or multi-share levels. 


How to Purchase a Land Share
It is relatively easy to become involved in the Land Share program with these foloiwng steps:                                                                                                

1) Discuss the Share Program with a member of the Land Trust Board. Contact: Dr. Larry Buell to start the conversation. <>   (978) 724-0412 (H/O) (978) 855-1420 (Cell/Text)                                                                                                                                  

2) Complete and submit the Adirondack Land Share Application.                                                                                                     

3) Discuss the Share Application with a member of the Land Trust Board for specific conditions         and expectations.

This Adirondack Land Share Program is a vital part of the campaign to secure the Adirondack property, for it will show the major funders that we have a range of support, particularly from “grassroots” parties that believe and support the far-ranging work of Earthlands.  Time is of the essence, since pledges must be secured by the Spring of 2020 or the property could be put on the open market. We look forward to a conversation about the Adirondack Land Share Program and your potential involvement.              

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