The open land is endowed with rich soil and geological formations where organic permaculture gardens and wildlife flourish. Just beyond the open land, a healthy northern hardwood forest shelters Cardinal Brook as it meanders through the property to the massive Quabbin Reservoir, Boston’s water supply. The land is complete with off-grid facilities, including small cottages and yurts, where community members reside and work.


Located within the Quabbin-to-Wachusetts Corridor for wildlife protection, recreation, and environmental education. The land is surrounded by over 4,000 acres of protected open land and farmscapes. Coyotes, raccoon, fox, rabbit, porcupine, bobcat, deer, and moose also inhabit the land.





For 8,000 years, Nipmucs inhabited this land, and across the forest is plentiful archeological evidence of their ancient culture - including wells, stonework, home sites, and the Equinox Underground Chamber. As Europeans settled the land, the Nipmucs were fragmented and the forest was removed. To facilitate deep healing in the present day, Nipmuc elders have routinely visited the land to facilitate healing for their culture and the Earth. Now, the Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc. (NCP) is planning the creation of a transformative cultural center for Nipmuc people to return to their indigenous land. Alongside the NCP and in collaboration with Planet Earth, the UofWild is creating a vital, regenerative culture on this diverse and vast landscape.




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