The UofWild is being re-established - the community is growing, the curriculum is being written by a collaborative team of educators and visionaries, and the land is being stewarded with intentional care. A village of impassioned students and conscious Earth dwellers are coming together - the UofWild community is seeking like-minded individuals that share a desire for building community, learning to closer to the Earth, and empower others in that journey.


UofWild is seeking volunteers of any of the following roles:

  • Grant writers

  • Document editors

  • Social media moderators and administrators

  • Non-profit fundraisers

  • Website builders

  • Graphic designers

  • Gardeners and farmers

  • Facilities caretakers

  • Foresters, ecologists, naturalists, herbalists, and practitioners of Earth-based studies

  • Outdoor educators and/or leaders of Earth-based group initiatives

  • Homesteaders and/or intentional community builders

  • Passionate students of the Earth, with a will to learn and contribute!

  • Jack of all trades



Expectations and Responsibilities of Volunteers


As a working member of the UofWild community, there are certain expectations and responsibilities that are required of each member, including, but not limited to:


1.) The mission of UofWild. Support the overall mission and work of UofWild in all activities and interactions; base one’s work at Earthlands upon the ten principles of the Earthlands Community.


2.) Public Service. An important part of the work of UofWild is to welcome and

encourage the public to come to our center and programs. All staff are expected to be helpful, pleasant, supportive, knowledgeable, and engaged with all visitors, particularly in community circles, walkabouts, potlucks, work projects, and special events.


3.) Intentional Community. The volunteers and staff serve as the core circle of the UofWild Earth-centered intentional community and each member will work to serve the circle and the work of UofWild. Additional work, beyond the agreed upon apprentice/intern/volunteer responsibilities, may include – cooking & meal prep, cleaning, repairing, caretaking, and support of public workdays.


4.) Work Assignments. Focused work areas include gardens, office management, building & grounds, program development, marketing, fundraising, and more. It is expected that each community member will be engaged in one of these major areas, but help-out in the others.


5.) Housing and personal space. UofWild provides full and private access to living accommodation at Earthlands, including the cottages or yurt. However, the Lodge remains a community space. From time to time, there will be a need to vacate and open the Lodge up to visitors. Advanced notice will always be given.


6.) Public use of the Lodge and maintenance of the public space. The Lodge and land facilities are public spaces and the resident and part-time staff must keep the spaces ready for use at all times. Private space will be honored and will not be open to the public. Checklists of maintenance and jobs will be reviewed periodically.


7.) Outer Community. When staff interacts with the community beyond UofWild and Earthlands they represent Earthlands and should act accordingly.

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