The University of the Wild educates and empowers emerging leaders to live and learn in connection and harmony with Earth and all life. This is done through advanced living and learning programs. We collaborate with similar mission-driven organizations, individuals, as well as local and international universities and colleges to help create personal and global transformation for all that seek it.  

The University of the Wild educates and empowers all to live and learn in deep connection with the Earth and all Life.

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2018 “Semester-on-Earth” Community. A living and learning community geared towards global transformation.  


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Climate disruption, cultural fragmentation, systematic oppression, overstimulation, Individualistic culture, over-consumption, and ignorance of our personal power are______ .


We live in an era of overstimulation, the world never seems to slow down and listen. In American society, people are generally unaware of the benefits of living closely with Earth. As humans, we need fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, plant-based foods to eat, and collaboration with others to meet our needs. Individualistic culture, often introduced to us in our childhoods, draws us further away from one another. Learning to work in unity is becoming a harder and harder task as these skills become no longer instinctual. Our survival depends on our ability to work as ONE - One with ourselves, each other, the Earth, and All Life. We believe together as community we can restore our rapidly deteriorating society.

Lenore - She earned a Masters Degree in Education at Colorado University in 1991 and has been working with groups teaching leadership, team building and nature awareness with outdoor organizations and schools in the United States. Lenore has worked for the Colorado Outward Bound School from 1984-1999 as a Wilderness Instructor and Environmental Director. In the past ten years, she has been a Leader for Adventure In Adventure Out and Morse Hill, both organizations are located in Shutesbury MA.

As a solution to the problems of today

We serve as a catalyst for earth-based education and new communities of regenerativty and connectivity to be born

A former instructor of the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College. She has been an herbalist for 25 years and also a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer for 20 years.


She has studied animal tracking, primitive skills, bird language and basket making.  In 2013 she formed Her Wild Roots with Kathy Dean, and the two of them have delivered quality programs for women for four years.

 We are a place for aspiring minds to learn about their personal and collective impact on the health and prosperity of the planet, and its interconnected life.

Community. A living and learning community geared towards global transformation.  

At Earthlands, the NCP is currently working to reacquire a large acres of their orginal indigenous land, which surrounds the ancient archeological Underground Chambers present on the property. The NCP intends to construct a cultural learning site, with the goal of reestablishing a connection with their native land and providing a space for Nipmuc youth to learn their history.

Earthlands is located on Nipmuc/k land of the First Nations People. It was a relatively peaceful territory for over 8,000 years. Evidence of this Earth-connected culture still stands at the Equinox Underground Chambers and within local archives. The blend of ancient stonework and recent installations of a Medicine Circle, Seven Circuit Cretan Labyrinth, cairns, and standing stones add to the sacredness of the property. Land originally inhabited by The Native American Nipmuc/k tribe. Early European settlers removed the primitive forest, many of the Colonial-era trees remain. In 2016 the start of gifting back Acreage was gifted back to the Nipmuck through Earthland community land trust. 

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