To accomplish its mission, University of the Wild collaborates with local and national, international organizations, groups, and individuals. Our partners are like-minded and mission-driven with a desire to usher in a new paradigm of ecological and spiritual regeneration in a collaborative community.


Together with our partners, we offer a wide range of integrative learning programs and services, which combines sustainable practices, personal transformation strategies, and traditional Indigenous wisdom, to integrate Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit. 

Participants of all walks of life will gain the skills needed to organize a community, work in harmony with the Earth, and have a near-zero impact lifestyle.




Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc.  


The NCP identifies, acquires, protects and monitors native Nipmuck historical and ceremonial sites. They develop and sponsor educational programs, provide community activities and resources designed to reconnect Nipmuc youth to the land and their heritage.

HOW    WE PARTNER: In 2016 NCP became a founding member of the University of the Wild. They are an integral part of UofWild's curriculum and will teach the indigenous wisdom of the land and their culture to Nipmuck youth and non-natives alike.

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Earthlands Retreat Center

ERC's goal is to “awakening the highest potential of the human spirit through transformational wisdom and experiences that unify personal and planetary well-being.” The Retreat Center offers public and private programs and services, in the same tradition since it's creation in 1987.


HOW   WE PARTNER: UofWild partners with Earthlands Retreat Center as it was the central building for the UofWild campus. Now under new management, the Center will host related workshops and retreats for UofWild community members to participate in and will encircle the values of Earth-based and spiritual practice.


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Earthworks Programs

Earthwork Programs. The goals of EWP’s are to provide a safe, fun, and learning environment where participants develop a deep understanding of the natural world and its relationship to community, family, and self through wilderness living skills, community building, and Earth philosophy. ​


HOW WE PARTNER: UofWild partners with Earthwork Programs to share values in Earth skills, indigenous wisdom, and deep community building. Earthwork Programs leads numerous workshops on the Earthlands site throughout the year, including tracking workshops and winter camping intensives. Earthworks will provide immersive ecological study spaces for UofWild participants.  


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Project Nature Connect- Institute for Global Education.

PNC offers degrees and certifications to those who master the sensory art and science in education, counseling, and healing with nature. Providing tools to sustain nature’s health and the well being of society.


HOW   WE PARTNER: UofWild collaborates with PNC to open up a whole new arena of deep learning in sensory awareness with over 50+ identified senes, which once understood allows for a richer connection to the earth. Available as an online course, participants can become certificated under the University of the Wild.  More information coming soon!  


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Her Wild Roots

Her Wild Roots gives women the opportunity to come together with like-minded women to deepen one's connection to nature, each other, and oneself.  Her Wild Roots offers a series of workshops that uses nature as the vehicle for spiritual and self-discovery then builds upon what participants have learned to create a connection with each other. The goal is to open the senses, surrender to joyful curiosity and come together to learn about the natural world.  Courses offered: Animal tracking and sign, bird language, earth-honoring rituals, wild edibles, hiking, snowshoeing and canoeing, medicinal plants and how to use them, solo contemplation in nature, outdoors skills, flower essences, basket making, singing and so much more.


HOW   WE PARTNER: Her Wild Roots will hold workshops at Earthlands with a shared intention of powerful community building, compounded learning experiences, deep ecology, and personal immersion in nature which bonds Her Wild Roots with the UofWild mission.

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One People, One Earth

The mission of OPOE and its founder, Brother Northstar is rooted in a relationship with the creator, deities of nature, and the ancestors. Walking pilgrimages propagate One People, One Earth to enhance the moral legacy of African-American heroes and she-roes and abolitionists to abolish injustices to any human being, plant, animal, or the earth. Brother Northstar is a Peace Pilgrim, A Medicine Walker, and a modern day Sojourner Truth.


HOW   WE PARTNER: UofWild partners with Brother Northstar to provide UofWild students mentorship. A lifestyle based on non-violent peace principles, social justice, powerful personal and cultural work founded in reflection and spirituality are all areas students will have a chance to explore. UofWild students may enroll in his workshops as a part of the self-directed curriculum. 


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Earth and Sky Journeys

Lenore Anderson offers private ‘Spirit-Body’ shamanic journey sessions, Spirit Quests and group retreats. Her work is profound and empowering healing therapy that allows an opportunity to connect with your ultimate truth and listen to your inner voice. The intuitive wisdom and spiritual guidance received can transform conditions of trauma, grief, confusion, dis-ease, and disharmony. Uniting the ‘Spirit-Body’ creates wholeness and wellness to be free to follow your life’s vision and purpose.


HOW   WE PARTNER: Lenore's focus is on the healing of self, earth, and community, she is also a mentor to University of the Wild students. Earth and Sky Journeys works beside UofWild to host workshops and intensives, and students may participate as a part of their unique self-directed curriculum.

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