The University of the Wild and UofWild Community Land Trust are special projects of the Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc. a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Together we provide programs and services for living and learning in connection and harmony with the Earth and All Life.


We are currently raising funds, resources, and in-kind donations to advance the following projects;


1.)  The University of the Wild – To assist UofWild staff, students, programs, and administrative infrastructure.


2.)  UofWild Community Land Trust – To secure Phase I funding to advance the UofWild’s campus and basecamp and prepare for the development of Eco-Community Node.


3.)  Nipmuck cultural Preservation, Inc. – to assist with the fundraising campaign to raise the capital for the Native America group to purchase the 30-acre Nichewaug Meadow and to start the planning and design phase for the Nipmuc Cultural & Education Center.


4.)  Uof Wild Special Projects – Assist with the publication of  "Earthlands: The Vision, The Practice, and The Promise" - a book that will be a road map for a sustainable future;  set-up a fund to recruit, educate, and mentor future leaders;  and provide guidance of the local “Sustainable Petersham Project”.




Larry Buell

Founder and  Director​ of UofWild ​ 
Phone: (978) 724-0412





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