Wild Earth Institute

The Wild Earth Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, educational corporation based on the founding principles of the forty-seven (47) year old (1973-2020) Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc. established to meet the needs of educational, community, and land protection for personal and planetary well-being.

The new non-profit will guide our four missions:

       The flagship program, University of the Wild, with its Eco-Campus and Semester-on-Earth course

       The cultural work of the Indigenous Nipmuc Tribe

       International Education, Community, & Healing

       Land and Cultural Protection for Conservation, Preservation, Recreation, and Education

The Wild Earth Institute includes three (3) additional Special Programs – Wild Earth Community Land Trust (WECLT); UofWild International Network; and Wild Earth Fund. The new non-prophet is modeled on the 47 year (1973-2020) old Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc. (IEA) which guided Earthlands through its nearly thirty (30) years of existenance.

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